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Corporate events

The harp is great for setting the ambience for any event, with relaxing pieces for gala dinners and thrilling music for launch events. 

me with the harp.jpeg

Hello, and thank you for coming to my website (chillharp). I am a fun, life-loving person who loves to share my passion for music by combining a repertoire of pop, classical and modern piece to accompany any wedding or event. 


A sky full of stars - Coldplay 



The harp is an elegant addition to any event, complimenting many venues with its beautiful finish. If an organ is used with the entrance to the bride, the contrast can be quite terrific. 

A Sky Full of Stars .
Free Image on Pixabay - Harp, Music, Musical Instrument.jpeg

Pre-event consultation 

A consultation can be arranged for your specific needs (for example, repertoire choice, performance time etc.). My email is

Wedding Ceremonies 

The harp can be used for relaxing music while the guests arrive, and more upbeat and exciting music for the entrance of the bride. 

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